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Michael Sesko cutting her client's hair.

Are you reaching your career goals?

  Hey, guys! Michael, here. Owner & Founder of Signature Salon Pro.  Do you ever look in the mirror and think to yourself, dang, I ...

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Signature Salon Professional

7 Success Traits of an Expert Salon Professional

In today’s salon business climate, we, as salon/spa professionals, have to start thinking more like a “business,” not just as hairstylists, barbers, or spa professionals.” ...

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guide to salon booth rentals

Guide to Renting a Salon Booth/Suite

Booth rental and salon suite rental models are an exploding trend. They’re becoming the most profitable way for independent stylists, barbers, and spa professionals to ...

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Connecting pieces of puzzle.

Does Your Business Measure Up?

Your business is like a puzzle. You have to work on the small pieces to get to the big picture. Remember measuring your height and ...

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