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Guide to Renting a Salon Booth/Suite

Booth rental and salon suite rental models are an exploding trend. Theyare becoming the most profitable way for independent stylists, barbers, and spa professionals to be their own boss. It offers beauty professionals the freedom, flexibility, and financial rewards that far exceed traditional salon models of commission-based, salary, etc. It offers minimal overhead expenses and is far less complicated to operate, which means more time for you to do the work you love while generating income.

Booth rental has been around for decades, but up until recent years, it was kind of like the wild west in terms of operations. Lots of things went unchecked.

Today the booth/suite rental trend is becoming more sophisticated. The market demands a more professional operation and if you are not meeting or exceeding the demand, you’ll run the risk of becoming obsolete or insignificant at best.

Raise your status and gain more leverage in your salon/spa endeavor by owning a business you can be proud of. If you are looking to build and sustain a strong, long-term beauty business, follow these 10 steps and you’ll be further ahead than most.


10 Steps to Raise your Professional Status as a Salon/Spa Professional

  1. Get your name registered with your state so you can get a Federal Id Number issued to you. This legitimizes your company.
  2. Set up a business checking account under your new business name and number.
  3. Set up a merchant card services provider to accept credit and debit cards. You can also consider other methods of payments i.e., Venmo, PayPal, Bitcoin lol, etc.
  4. Set up a vendor account with a distributor of your choice who carries your favorite products.
  5. Have a website or page to drive clients and potential clients to and that can help with your marketing and branding.
  6. Automate! These days you can’t afford to automate. Many automated salon software companies are very affordable and many include websites and other marketing platforms in addition to scheduling and POS systems to help maintain a professional appearance, simplify your operation and elevate your status.
  7. Find a salon or suite that fits your values as well as your budget. Not all salons are created equal so its worth the investment of your time to get this right.
  8. Negotiate a lease and make sure you fully understand what you are signing. It doesn’t hurt to have an attorney to review the lease. You could expect to pay a nominal fee for this.
  9. Hire an accountant to help structure your company and keep your books organized. You’ll sleep much better at night knowing you are protected and not breaking any laws.
  10. Open your door and start doing business! Congratulations!


Ready to look into a Salon Suite of your own?

Signature Salon Pro is a one-of-a-kind affordable open salon rental concept with private and semi-private suites. Located in the heart of Gaithersburg, MD we offer over 14,000 square feet of space with everything you need to get up and running quickly in your salon-based business.

If you would like to schedule a tour of our facility or if you have questions about growing your business please feel free to call us at 301-330-0116 or you can request an appointment by clicking here