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7 Success Traits of an Expert Salon Professional

In today’s salon business climate, we, as salon/spa professionals, have to start thinking more like a “business,” not just as hairstylists, barbers, or spa professionals.” Every business essentially is the same in the respect that you are selling a product or a service to a customer. It’s that simple. Although there are many factors that go into delivering products and services, one thing that can differentiate an average professional from an expert is how you deliver your services and products.


Here are 7 Success Traits of an Expert Salon Professional. Practice these daily and elevate your game.

  1. Consultation. Always do a dry consultation whether it’s a guests’ first visit or 10th year. People’s lives change and they are relying on you, the salon professional/expert to make suitable recommendations. Always look for ways to solve your clients’ problems or challenges with your skills, knowledge, products, and services.
  2. Give more value than what the guest is paying for. Go the extra mile. If you want to win a client for life, you have to make them feel that they are getting so much value by doing business with you that they won’t think about going anywhere else. Value equals a happy client. A happy client equals loyalty. Remember this: most people in business give less value. It really doesn’t take much to give more. Most importantly, give more value because you love to be of service. Be genuine.
  3. Quality Work. In order to maintain your significance as a salon professional/expert, you must always keep advancing your skills and gain new capabilities. What got you where you are today is not necessarily going to get you to where you want to be tomorrow. So, always look for ways to improve. Read books, attend webinars, get a coach and or mentor.
  4. Specialize. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Experts specialize in one, two, or three areas which allows them to be more focused, more attentive, and are able to attract their ideal client. Experts who specialize, also see higher incomes.
  5. Pre-Book. Get rid of the “Walk-In” mentality. Take control of your business and provide better service to your clients by making pre-booking a standard. Have a confirmation system in place for friendly reminders and avoid missed appointments. Experts identify clients’ needs/wants and schedule future appointments to maximize their results.
  6. Follow Up. Develop trust and show that you care by following up with clients. It’s good practice to stay in contact with your clients between visits. It helps build loyalty and establishes a mutually beneficial relationship. If you don’t care about your client, there’s someone out there who will.
  7. Be Passionate and Enthusiastic! Passion and enthusiasm are contagious and people love being around those who are obsessed with what they do. As salon professionals, we have the ability to touch people’s lives in ways that will have a long-lasting positive impact. Don’t take this critical element for granted.