Signature Salon Pro
Success Stories

I’ve been working here for over 11 years and the owners have treated me and my clients with the utmost respect and kindness. Working here has enabled me to run my business in a friendly and professional atmosphere. Me and my clients love it!


I love renting here! It’s a very relaxing environment – A place where clients and beauty professionals alike can feel comfortable and welcomed.


I love working at Signature Salon. It is a fantastic environment for me and my clients and the owners are very professional and friendly. Drama-Free!


I like being here. Also, my clients feel welcomed and that makes me happy. Everyone respects each other and the owners are pleasant and friendly with everyone.


"I have leased a studio at Signature Salon pro for 2yrs now and it is a very classic and clean environment. My clients love the salon, and many always compliment the look of it. I've worked other barbershop and salons in the area, and none compare. Along with Mike and Julie, the nicest and friendliest owner. Easy to get along with. And always willing to go above and beyond for our(leasers) comfort. I love it here, and have no plans to change this from being home base for me and my clients."

Saudi Shabazz

More Client Success Stories

I have the short hair version of the Fusion hair style concept that Michael created, and I have never been happier with my hair. My hair looks wonderful at every stage of growth, so since I enjoy it as it grows out, my hair now never looks like it needs attention. In the past, I couldn't let my hair grow out too much without it feeling and looking bad. The Fusion concept method takes years off, and I always feel confident and wonderful where ever I go. My hair still looks great on the day I go back for a cut.

Sandra Babcock

I would definitely recommend this salon to anyone! Michael always does a great job on my hair. This is the first place that I genuinely trust to do anything with my hair. Great service overall!

Christy Azarmanesh

Great service, stylist are great! Happy to find this place.

Ian Furlong

Always fabulous! & the NICEST people ever - & I've been going for over 20 years, with a big break in the middle while living abroad. Nonetheless, you're as welcome as family anytime. Always current, fun, & Michael & the team really listen to what you're looking for in a hair style and have the talent to work with you. Really love this place & the people!

Zenz Z

Omg, just got out of the salon looking like a million dollars!!!!! Kirsten did phenomenal!!!!. Just went in for a trim and style; I was so worried that she was gonna cut a lot of hair...(according to the previous review) but the cut was just right. I have ethnic curly hair and not everyone knows how to style it, but she did wonders. My hair looks healthy, glossy and the best it has looked in a while. I can't wait to come back for my next trim and possibly highlights. Thanks so much Kirsten, so happy to have found a great stylist.

Avi D